Data Conversion and Cleansing

Data accuracy and cleanliness are the key factors to a successful replacement project. The state of the data in the newly implemented solution will influence the acceptance rate and confidence of the end users, determine the time it takes to stabilize the system after conversion, determine the level of negative public exposure, and limit the number of exceptions experienced after go-live. The effort spent upfront to clean legacy, source data, to validate data transformation, and to validate that the data adheres to new business rules, will allow for a smooth go-live with few billing exceptions.

TMG has extensive experience with migrating from legacy systems to commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) CIS applications. Our methodology takes data conversion off the critical path by surfacing data compatibility and content issues early in the project timeline. Our approach to solution design minimizes uncertainty by performing a fact-based presentation of the source data. This process provides true knowledge of the actual data to be considered before applying or supplying transformation business rules. Our best-of-breed data conversion methodology, combined with our experienced resources who have a long history of working within the utility industry, will position your project for success.