Post Go-live Stabilization & Benefits Realization

Enterprise-wide IT implementations, such as that of a Customer Information System (CIS), represent a major disruptor to your organization. The project itself is a significant draw on both business and IT staff and post go-live occurrences can negatively impact business operations, customer relations, or even the profitability of the utility. Even following an apparently successful project, many utilities struggle to regain control – they suffer from increasing exception backlogs, staff failing to return to their previous productivity rate, and the expected benefits failing to materialize.

Stabilizing the system quickly and getting the business back to “steady-state” are imperative for project success. Having accomplished that, realizing the benefits of and continuously improving the new system requires even more effort and expertise. TMG provides services during project implementations to prepare utilities for live operation as well as throughout the stabilization period to help get utilities back on track as quickly as possible. Our efforts often focus on subtle changes to people, processes, and technology, based on metric-based assessments of key indicators.