2019 Utility Forum Session Presentations

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2019 Utility Forum Session Presentations

National Grid will discuss the company’s overall customer and technology modernization strategy with the implementation of innovative technology and business practices. Download the Presentation HERE

HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company, has partnered with Harris Geospatial Solutions Inc., a subsidiary of Harris Corporation (HRS), to provide an AI-driven, remote sensing data analytics system to address the Utility Industry needs. The system will allow utilities to have a more active, controlled view of information through the use of remote sensing systems, which includes Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), manned aircraft, and space-borne data sources. Using a form of artificial-intelligence (AI) technology, the system will analyze data to automatically assess asset conditions and flow derived insights to critical asset operations such as work management, asset performance monitoring, and geographical information systems (GIS). Panel: HCL & Harris Geospatial. Download the Presentation HERE

Learn how LWC is laying foundation for the future by leveraging artificial intelligence, cloud-first and mobile-first technologies to connect their customers, crews, back office, partners, and equipment in real-time, from any device. Listen to their plans on leveraging AI, Chat Bots to create a modern digital engagement platform to service their customers and also create new revenue streams for the future. KloudGin + WAM 2.0 + e-business R12 + ESRI GIS. Download the Presentation HERE

How Suez water is approaching the future of Asset Operations, Artificial Intelligence, and Asset Management Cloud. Download the Presentation HERE

Infosys partnered with Southwest Gas and SAP to deliver digital, innovation platform which fully satisfied the stated objectives. Single platform to profile and cleanse legacy Customer data, stage and transform Customer data, and integrate, harmonize and setup with future SAP CIS solution for easy extensibility. Drastically reduced CIS program implementation risks and accelerated implementation timeline by delivering fully reusable and cleansed customer data, pre-built data processes, reporting/analytic models.

By leveraging the Enterprise HANA platform, Infosys developed a multi-pronged solution to deliver a scalable platform for integrating with data sources like meter, GIS, nomination/allocation/gas transportation, inspections, work management, scheduling, customer sentiment and social media. Compared to previous data and analytics platform, 10x increase in self-service customer reporting and analytics capabilities and time to value/insight. Download the Presentation HERE

Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) is turning to Advanced Metering Infrastructure to tackle big challenges common among water utilities today and transform the way it engages and serves customers.  At the heart of this initiative is a project to upgrade to an integrated MDM/CIS platform that can help the utility leverage meter data to “connect the dots” across meter-to-cash-to-customer operations. Join this session to hear how LVVWD is laying a connected-data foundation to address key strategic customer and operational objectives, such as empowering customers with better visibility into their accounts and usage, intelligent customer engagement, communications and program promotion, more accurate reads and billing through daily/hourly meter reads, reducing field crew deployments and making service calls more efficient, increasing conservation program performance through targeted communications and enforcement via meter data and protecting revenue through data-enabled leak detection. Download the Presentation HERE

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is emerging as a significant part of the value proposition within the future utility landscape. National Grid is at the forefront of this trend, with its
“CRM first” strategy as part of if its overall customer information system (CIS) modernization project. In this session, National Grid will discuss its CRM-driven project, including the impetus behind its strategy and how the company plans to leverage its solution going forward as part of its overall customer-centric approach. Download the Presentation HERE

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