Call for Insights

2020 TMG Call for Insights

For nearly three decades, TMG has maintained a deep commitment to providing the best and most objective advice to Utilities as they plan and implement their digital transformation strategies. Behind this commitment sits a relentless search for the latest perspectives, practices, trends, and innovations shaping the future of Utility digitalization and innovation. Our methods include everything from informal discussions with technology vendors and solution partners, ongoing surveys, scheduled briefings, and structured networking forums we use to collect and socialize the landscape of digital solutions and innovations with our clients. But it all starts with our annual “What’s Next” invitation to collaborate…

Each year, TMG offers vendors and solution partners a platform to share their recent innovations and thought leadership with the Utility community by submitting content for inclusion in our research, publications and client networking forums. This is a great opportunity to showcase their company’s insight in various domains essential to the topic of digital transformation and innovation.

Below is the information and guidelines for this year’s submission:

2020 Call for Topics

Together with our clients, TMG has picked a central theme –“Bringing the Digital Utility to Life” – to guide the content we collect and feature throughout 2020. This year’s theme will focus on critical practices Utilities are adopting to catalyze new digital innovations within their businesses, operationalize those innovations across their core business applications, and scale those innovations more broadly across the digital utility ecosystem.

Inclusion in TMG’s Annual “What’s Next” Magazine

Submissions received prior to February 28th will have the opportunity to be featured in our 2020 “What’s Next” Magazine”, an annual publication that is distributed at CS Week, the largest gathering of Utility leaders focused on customer-centric innovations and transformation of the customer experience. Some of the topics covered in this publication will include:

  • How companies are leveraging and blending customer data with other internal and external data streams to extend its value and impact other parts of the Utility enterprise
  • New “digital enablement” technologies and practices (Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, new integration accelerators, and others) are being used to extend and scale the value of digital innovation
  • New digital innovations being applied to customer-side business applications (Digital customer engagement/ CRM, Evolution of the AMI and MDM environments, etc.)

(click HERE to see the 2019 edition)

Deadlines for “What’s Next” Submissions

2/17/20:                Last day to let us know if you’d like to contribute to the magazine.

2/28/20:                First draft, author picture & bio 

3/23/20:                FINAL DRAFT

Additional Opportunities for Socializing your Innovations

General Requirements

  • 250-500 word-limit for proposed any proposed content
  • Content should not be a sales pitch
  • Content should center around thought pieces, client engagements, topic related results from case or research studies (see below)
  • No more than 2 articles submitted from any one company

Topical Guidelines & Suggestions

Topics should follow the broad themes outlined above, and ideally should focus on how you have used or applied emerging digital technologies, solutions or practices to address real challenges or opportunities faced in a specific part of the business. We have proposed a starter list of these topics which you can find in the topical roadmap provided on below:

For More Information

If you have questions or would like to schedule a call to discuss a potential submission with our team, please CONTACT US to schedule a one-one-one briefing.

Submit your topics here
  • Please submit a PDF or Word doc of your proposed topics here.
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    Max. file size: 500 MB, Max. files: 2.

    Topical Roadmap For Suggestions

    Where does your digital innovation topic live within the Utility Digital Ecosystem

    We suggest focusing your topic on a specific part of digital utility ecosystem – either a general theme that cuts across all areas of the business (Data, Analytics, Digital process enablement) or a specific application area (CIS, CRM, MDM, Asset Management, etc…)

    What is the Specific Innovation or Solution You’ll be Discussing?

    We suggest narrowing your topic to a specific area of innovation- certain aspects that the solution or innovation you wish to discuss is focused on (see examples below)

    What is your Organization is Focused on Today?  (Innovations you can contribute)
    • Leveraging Customer Data & Telemetry
    • Data Management /Governance
    • Advanced Analytics/ Predictive Intelligence
    • Advanced modeling and simulation
    • Smart Automation/ AI Enablement
    •  Advanced Segmentation and targeting
    • CRM orchestration
    • Accelerated integration

    WHY it matters to the Utility business:

    Respondents should also try and link their topic to WHY it matters to the business – What goals in the business would be affected and how? Below are examples of certain topics and the areas/ goals they would impact

    • Agile innovation
    • Digitalization strategy and roadmaps
    • Proliferation/ integration of IoT
    • Collaboration with smart cities/ communities
    Customer Experience
    • Back office automation
    • Reinventing customer journeys & workflows
    • Reinventing legacy channels (call center,
    • Collaboration with smart cities & communities
    Infrastructure Risk/Reliability
    • Evolution of Smart Metering infrastructure
    • Lifecycle planning/ optimization
    • Positioning of Distributed resources
    • DERMS/ DER Orchestration
    • Risk mitigation (wildfire, aging infrastructures,…)
    • Forecasting resource requirements
    • Advances in behavioral Energy Efficiency
    • Dynamic pricing
    • DER aggregation
    • EV strategies
    • Monetizing carbon
    Workforce Sustainability
    • Reskilling the workforce
    • Managing automation
    • Acquisition of new competencies
    • Remote workforce
    • Workforce planning & logistics
    Cost, Earnings & Risk
    • Revenue planning and forecasting
    • Regulatory innovations
    • Capitalization policies
    • Investment optimization
    • New business models for growth
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