We attribute our ongoing success to our people, the industry’s top talent.

Why come work for us?

At TMG Consulting, we attribute our ongoing success to our people, the industry’s top talent. From application planning and procurement through implementation support and post-implementation stabilization, our experienced consultants solve problems and mitigate risks. Our culture is collaborative in nature; none of us believe that we are the smartest person in the room. While we have a very strong leadership team, we don’t believe in a heavy-handed management style because we don’t need it. Our people identify what needs to be done and they do it with help from advanced, proprietary methodologies, as well as strong teamwork.

Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities.

Global Perspective

We work with a global perspective, where time and space are compressed by “always-on” technology solutions and the World Wide Web, and borders and time zones in many cases become irrelevant.


We work together as a unified team to promote trust and cooperation as we work as an extension of our clients’ teams to achieve client satisfaction and corporate growth.

Competitive Salary

We develop TMG employees to their fullest potential, focusing on skills growth, satisfaction and accomplishment, offering generous compensation packages, which include excellent health benefits.


We donate our time, talent, financial resources and effort to support organizations with similar values and goals, including many of those of our clients.

We believe in Transparency Integrity Leadership Empathy Value

At TMG our values shape our decisions and underpin our interactions with each other, our clients, and our families. They define our character, our culture, and our work ethic. And they serve as guideposts to keep us human, grounded and respected by our peers, our clients, and our competitors.


We are open, honest and truthful.


We are highly ethical in all of our interactions and transactions.

Leadership by Example

We roll up our sleeves, walk the walk, and set the standard for excellence. We will also never ask anyone to do anything we would not do ourselves.


We “walk in our clients’ shoes. We also bring a sense of outward focus, giving and altruism to our and our clients’ communities.

Client & Employee Value

Doing what is “right” for the Client guides us and all our activities. Our focus is on creating tangible value for our clients as well as for our employees.

Work With Us

If you have more questions about working for TMG Consulting or think you have what it takes to be a TMG Consultant, send your resume!