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Enabling Utility Digitalization. At Scale.

Today’s utilities are spending more than ever on digital transformation, with investments spanning every part of the utility value chain. Corporate IT budgets are exploding with extensive infrastructure modernization, wholesale replacements of application portfolio, and the adoption of new and exciting technologies, AI and Blockchain. What was once a conceptual aspiration is as quickly coming to life as a living and breathing digital utilities enterprise.

As utilities continue to develop their digital ecosystems, new challenges are emerging. Data that traditionally lived within the native applications they once supported are now in high demand by numerous other functions across the business. Companies are feverishly working to embed the critical skills needed to capitalize opportunities and scale innovation. All the while, business applications are being transformed and forced to integrate with a myriad of new external ecosystems. Helping clients understand and navigate the complexities of this new digital ecosystem in what we do at TMG Consulting.

What will the digital utility look like...and what role will YOU play in that journey?

Is your organization ready for the next phase of DX?


TMG’s framework for digital innovation will not only help extend the value you’ve already created but also enable you to more fully operationalize your digital utility ecosystem. We help Utilities establish a solid foundation, focusing on 5 key enablers of digital transformation that will help anchor the successes you’ve had to date and establish a repeatable process to extend that to new parts of your business



Identify and effectively implement the RIGHT solutions at the RIGHT time- optimizing value and minimizing the risk to the business.


Optimize their solution portfolios to best align with utility operating challenges, better pinpoint offers and maximize customer value.


Deepen their value and drive new and smarter sources of integration across application portfolio and external ecosystems.
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