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Webinar: Smart Energy Water on Digital CX Innovation

Building the Business of Connected Customer Experiences

Utility’s Guide to Serving the Digital Customer

In the business of delivering energy, water, or other utility services to one’s community, we focus on what matters: Delivering world-class customer service while ensuring the in-house field & agent workforce is well-taken care of.

With the basics in check, we are now transitioning building the smarter utility; which now needs to be in the business of connected customer experiences.

Consumers are demanding- they are seeking two-way communication, online self-service platforms, 24*7 customer support, personalized assistance, and more. It is also imperative to give the utility workforce the right tools, training and help them intelligently manage the workforce operations.

The tide is truly changing, and surely today’s utilities are ready, willing, and waiting for their tailored connected customer-workforce experience. 

This webinar, we listen to the story of Liberty Utilities  and discuss the essentials for building a ‘Smart’ utility catering to a smarter customer and providing coming-of-age utility services. The discussion will highlight the existing landscape of the utility sector, digital opportunities to enhance customer experience, challenges faced by utilities during their digital transformation journey, ways to overcome them, trends that utilities are following to serve their customers better, guidance on how to set up a strategic roadmap to provide a mature digital customer experience provider & some real examples.

Key Takeaways

  1. What are the current dynamics of customer preferences? How do we transition from customer engagement to customer empowerment? 
  2.  How do we build a holistic digital strategy- one that connected the workers and customers in a seamless and intuitive manner?
  3.  Introducing mobility and redefining the way you operate and serve customers plus workforce, alike. 
  4. What will be the digital roadmap, and how to perfect the basics?
  5. How do we drive excellence across the operational setup – from the management of assets to respond to disruptive market conditions and consumer demands?


Jody Allison, Vice President -Transformation, Liberty

Darren Brady, Chief Customer Officer, SEW

Smart Energy Water

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Jun 30 2022


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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