Importance of OCM in your Journey to the Cloud

OCM and the Cloud

Importance of OCM in your Journey to the Cloud

Effective changes to business processes and job responsibilities for staff do not happen suddenly. It takes time, planning and constant communication to make lasting change happen. OCM should be a slow but consistent drumbeat in the background of any major project. It is always there, but not overpowering. It allows change to happen without forcing it.

– Pasadena Water & Power

The topic of “change” is a loaded one. The mere mention of the word can evoke emotions that range from optimism to fear. There have been hundreds of books written about the change in organizations, businesses, and for those seeking self-growth and personal realignment. As Charles F. Kettering accurately stated, “People are very open-minded about new things, as long as they’re exactly like the old ones.” We are all creatures of habit; heading down an unfamiliar path, no matter how necessary, is always a task we take on reluctantly. This is doubly so regarding the utility industry.

One of the other things I think that was tough for us is we really didn’t have the technical skill set going into this upgrade. We didn’t have the IT support and our System Support Group, was not as technically ready for the Oracle product. So having an OCM Plan and an OCM manager for the duration of our project was super important because there were so many changes that we were going to encounter.

– City of Lubbock

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