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Whether you are just starting out on your advanced metering journey, looking to leapfrog your current AMR investment, or are ready to optimize with AI, robust data analytics, or emerging technologies, TMG can take you 'beyond the meter.'
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Today’s meter-to-cash process is far more sophisticated than in the past. For example, it is common knowledge that an AMI system’s interval data allows for more complex billing methods like TOU and NET metering. Still, the meter-to-cash process no longer refers to simply getting a monthly meter reading and calculating a bill based on this consumption…


The AMI Journey

More than a project
AMI Roadmap
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AMI Deployment
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Industry Experience

The TMG AMI Strategy

Empowering the Next Generation of AMI

As Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) extends its reach worldwide, utilities are faced with a myriad of questions and challenges as they navigate their smart metering journey. Despite the nearly one billion
smart meters deployed within utilities globally, the utility industry as a whole is still very early in the race to future-proof its metering infrastructure. For the many utilities who have yet to embark on their AMI journey, their age-old questions persist about how get started. Is my system ready for this kind of investment? Will the benefits of deploying this “smarter” infrastructure outweigh the cost of even a modest deployment? What is the best way to stage and structure deployments so that they effectively capture and monetize benefits? Even “early adopters”, with relatively mature infrastructures in place, face these same questions as they look to augment or replace their systems with the next generation of smart metering technology.
AMI AMR Market Worldwide
Smart Meters in North America

What do I need to do about AMI now that I have implemented it?


Thinking About It–Call to Action and Building the Case 

  • Application Planning: Provide strategy and planning support. Insights into market and technology trends. Prepare feasibility and timing analysis outlining capability attainment and overlap with other initiatives. 

  • Business Case: Define benefits and costs. Prepare business case. Perform scenario analysis. Provide benefit and cost comparisons and analysis. 

  • Regulatory Approval: Support regulatory strategy. Help write and prepare filing and testimony. Assist in answering intervenor questions. Provide research and industry intelligence support during rebuttal. 


Planning It–Product Selection and Planning 

  • Technology Selection: Provide technology and services needs assessment. RFP preparation and evaluation. Scope clarification 

  • Contracting: Draft contracts. Support negotiations. Support with internal approvals

  • Planning: Provide support with the detailed planning of the implementation. Help prepare financial forecasts and budgets. Prepare benefits and cost tracking methods 


Doing It–System Integration and Deployment 

  • Program Management: Provide PMO services. Provide QA services 

  • Testing: Provide test planning and management support. Provide testing services. 

  • Client-side Support: Provide resources to support integration, process design, change management., training, etc.

No matter where you are in your AMI journey, our expertise and methodologies help you manage
risk, optimize investments, and accelerate your path to delivering value to all of your key stakeholders.
Contact us to learn more about how we are helping Utilities like yours empower the next generation of
AMI innovation.

A Faster Execution to Modern Technology

Proven methodology of execution.
Unique parallel approach to leverage full program benefits.

Reduces Business Disruptions

Upgrade technology with limited impact on daily business.
Obtain more with new technology.

Reduce Utility Risk

Vast expertise in requirements. Faster time to benefits. Reduce Implementation challenges. Established predictable cost. Industry best practices.

Optimize Investments

Demonstrated business utilization of data. Analytics and integration expertise.

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