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From Situation Assessment through Procurement–As a solution agnostic consulting firm, we leverage proprietary, evolving methodologies and formulas for measuring options against business needs to expose the best possible course of action.
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Digital Strategy Success

TMG’s approach utilizes our Digital Strategy Roadmap & VAST methodology in exploring current state and confirming the business drivers, identifying the future state opportunities, and confirming key projects utilities can undertake to address their operational issues. The projects are grouped into programs of action, evaluated for their efficiency to address the identified problems, and prioritized based upon the cost to value ratio as well as the internal delivery and IT capabilities within utilities.

Digital Enterprise Planning

Assisting utilities and public enterprises with holistic technology planning and transformational strategies through overall technology/IT strategy and roadmap for an investor owned utility, municipality, or co-op, holistic Digital Transformation, and evaluating all business capability areas for the client’s enterprise.

Digital Strategy / Solution Roadmap

Developing personalized solution strategies for utility clients to elevate their custom-er and workforce capabilities through specific technology or organizational-related strategies for a utility client (CIS, data, infrastructure, WAM, ERP platforms, OT, etc.) and technology capability areas

Benchmarking / Strategic Sourcing & Procurement

Benchmarking technology investments AND conducting strategic sourcing processes that assist our utility clients procure complex technology implementations through methodical approach to large technology implementation selection and negotiation, applied technology information for investment benchmarking, and areas of consideration are ERP, CIS, and EAM implementations, including software spends and system integration numbers.

TMG Cloud Analysis Program

TMG is pleased to announce a program to assist utilities in their decision on the implementation of the various CIS products, associated license types, and operational platforms. This is designed to be a quick and easy program to allow a utility to render a decision and commence with its upgrade, all within a short and inexpensive time frame to render a decision and move forward with the upgrade and implementation of the reported recommendation.

The TMG Approach

The TMG Cloud Analysis Program consists of 4 steps
  • Introductory Session
  • Information Gathering
  • Options Analysis
  • Reported Recommendation
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Introductory Session

An introductory presentation regarding cloud considerations associated with each of the various models to educate, discuss, and level set expectations around each of the offerings and platforms.

Information Gathering

The TMG Cloud Evaluation Model is introduced and reviewed with the utility. A short Information Request is left with the utility to gather any remaining pieces of information for the Evaluation Model.

Options Analysis

TMG will conduct the Cloud Analysis once TMG has received the necessary information from the utility.

Reported Recommendations

Starting from an idea, to making a first sale, to expanding globally.

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