New Study to Explore Viability of Outsourced Billing Systems and Solutions for Small Utility Companies

Atlanta – February 15, 2018 – Today, RIMSolutions™, the research practice of TMG Consulting, announced the deployment of a new study, “Viability of Outsourced Billing Solutions for Small Utilities”. The goal of the study is to gauge the feasibility of leveraging a Hosted or Cloud CIS and other outsourced billing services to solve the biggest challenges facing utilities with fewer than 100,000 metered customers.

Early results from a current study being conducted by RIMSolutions™, “CIS Replacement Drivers 2018”, show that 53 percent of respondents would consider outsourcing CIS services. This represents a 20 percent increase since the analogous 2017 study was conducted. Key frustrations with on-premise solutions include:

  • Costs. Financing capital and O&M costs associated with maintaining and upgrading the system(s)
  • Resources. Possessing the skillsets and expertise to maintain and upgrade the system, long-term
  • Integration. Inability to effectively integrate it with other systems

Case studies show that outsourced solutions, including those that are hosted and in the Cloud, can provide a more agile option for managing upgrades, integrations, and maintaining the system, all while lowering costs, risks, and internal resource needs. Additionally, they can better deliver customer preferences in an evolving manner for increased customer satisfaction.

Receive the Results
Those who take the survey for either study will receive the corresponding report(s):

  • Viability of Outsourced Billing Systems and Solutions for Small Utilities, designed for North American utilities with 100,000 or fewer metered customers.
  • CIS Replacement Drivers 2018, designed for North American utilities of all types and sizes. The survey closed on February 28, 2018.

About TMG Consulting
TMG Consulting has deep knowledge of utility company operations and disruptors – the factors and technologies forcing them to change. From the CIS and ERP, to MDM, AMI, Smart Grid technologies, and Edge Systems, we offer Advisory, Client-side Delivery Support and Research services to guide companies through transformative IT projects.

The experience of TMG’s consultants and our proven delivery methodologies serve as an insurance policy for our clients. We have delivered more than 400 projects for 250 investor-owned utilities, municipalities, cooperatives, and competitive retailers since 1992. Several have been recipients of project excellence awards throughout the years.

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