TMG Awarded Most Promising Utilities Tech Services Companies

PRESS RELEASE:  TMG Consulting awarded in the Top 10 Most Promising Utilities Tech Companies of 2021

TMG Consulting Award

“The Ultimate Digitalization Guide for Utilities: Despite its reputation for being tech-averse, the utility sector is rapidly transforming into a tech-driven industry. With rising costs, changing load patterns, newly viable technologies, all alongside various regulatory changes and the growing call to decarbonize, many disruptive forces are now driving the power and utility industry toward a digital-first reality. Technologies such as AI, IoT, cloud, and blockchain are acting as a catalyst for the digital growth of incumbents as well as the new players of the utility industry. But, all things considered, the main hurdle in this digital makeover is navigating the changing paradigm of technology while mitigating operational disturbance.

Enter TMG Consulting…”

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