TMG Enables Business Case & Procurement for Award-Winning MGE CIS Implementation

PRESS RELEASE:  TMG Consulting Enables Business Case & Procurement for Award-Winning MGE CIS Implementation



Congratulations to Madison Gas & Electric for being recognized with the CS Week 2022 Expanding Excellence Award for “Best CIS Implementation.” Working toward a unified view of its customers, MGE will continue to improve and streamline services and manage asset health and maintenance to reduce costs and risk through the final phase of the project.

“While we continue transitioning to a more fully digital model for key business processes and functions, the power of Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications prepared us for this next step by allowing employees to spend their time on higher-value work and enhancing our collaboration and data governance capabilities,” said Shannon Paulsen, program director for Enterprise Forward at MGE. “With the new Oracle Energy and Water solutions, we now have the reliable, integrated system of record we needed to eliminate more manual processes, store and deliver updated data to our integrated systems, better visualize corporate costs and spend, and more efficiently meet our regulatory requirements.” (Press Release, Oracle Energy and Water)

“Aligning technology with an organization’s strategic goals is imperative in today’s fluid business environment, as customer, investor, and regulatory demands evolve rapidly. As utilities plan, they need to evaluate system capabilities both from a business and a technical perspective to determine if they can meet the organization’s needs in the short and long term.,” said Mario Bauer, Chief Executive Officer for TMG Consulting. “We were able to provide a structured approach to analyzing key attributes of MGE’s enterprise systems, identifying areas of improvement to chart a comprehensive technology blueprint.

TMG outlined the business case to foster alignment between technology and business in a proactive manner that allowed for the management of rapid change, as well as provide procurement for MGE’s CIS. This initiative has empowered the MGE to modernize and consolidate legacy systems to reduce operational costs, as well as position the utility to deliver more customized programs, products, and services to better engage customers. Additionally, the implementation is providing MGE with customer insights and an intuitive solution that delivers significant ease-of-use improvements for customer service representatives, resulting in shorter learning curves for the onboarding of new employees.

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