Greg Galluzzi

Greg Galluzzi

Greg is the original founder of TMG, he is an owner, and is currently an Executive Vice President. He is responsible for conducting Strategic Enterprise Plans, Strategic Solution Roadmaps, Information Technology Plans, Solution Procurements, and Installation Quality Assurance projects for all types of utilities and all types of sizes, from the smallest public owned utility to the largest Investor Owned Utility (IOU).

Greg has been working in the market for almost 40 years with 185 customers across over 300 projects focused on CIS, CRM, CIC or CxT, ERP, EAM/WAM, OMS, FSM/MWM, AMI, and other applications.

Greg started his career at Accenture in 1980 out of the Phoenix office. He traveled extensively working primarily for IOU’s who were planning to replace their billing systems with new CIS applications. He continued working in this area until 1992 when he started his own consulting firm, called TMG Consulting, Inc. based in Austin, Texas. As part of this startup effort Greg focused primarily on smaller municipal owned utilities in the State of Texas. As the years progressed his customers grew to include moderate to large IOU’s and Public Power Utilities working primarily on CIS/CRM/ERP/EAM/AMI applications.

Greg sold his business in 2009 to Five Point Partners where he worked as a Senior Vice President responsible for application plans, solution procurements, and implementation oversight. Greg worked in this capacity for 5 years. Then in 2014 Greg restarted TMG Consulting offering the same services as in prior years. Today, Greg works with large and small IOU’s, Public Power, Cooperatives, and Municipal Water utilities in many application areas across the U.S. and Canada.

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