Utilities Doing Their Part on COVID-19

5 things Utilities are doing to help customers navigate Covid-19

Utilities have certainly faced their fair share of the “unexpected” over the years. Major storms, wildfires, and other natural disasters have repeatedly gut-tested Utilities’ operational resiliency and, at times, even the viability of their organizations. But in the face of these challenges, Utilities invariably respond big, stepping up their collective game when it really counts.

While it may not be as visible in the midst of these crises, how Utilities mobilize and act “during” these events can have big impacts on customer perception and brand long after the dust settles. In fact, it’s after crises like these that we’ve witnessed some of the largest turnarounds in brand identity- both positive and negative. Since Utilities often operate in the background, it’s what they do when customers are watching that has the biggest and most lasting impact on their perception.

What does this all have to do with Corona?

Of course, COVID-19 is not just another storm where Utilities have highly routinized processes for mobilizing resources, “rolling trucks” and stabilizing (and ultimately rebuilding) infrastructure. This is a new challenge for Utilities, as it is for most businesses operating today.

But it is still an opportunity for Utilities to step up once again, and find new ways to help customers navigate these coming weeks- identifying those things that can visibly show customers you understand them at an intimate level, and providing some immediate solutions to ease the burden.

View the 5 things Utilities are already doing to make a difference during these tough times in the Energy Central article HERE.

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