Research Services

Industry Research Services

TMG Consulting’s research service pursues knowledge to help industry professionals understand opportunities and challenges associated with enterprise IT projects with a focus on customer service and utility operations.

Our direct experience working with utilities enables us to offer practical intelligence into the components of successful enterprise IT and edge system modernization projects. We draw information from Insight, the largest database of planning data from TMG’s client engagements. Insight contains enterprise IT and Edge system costs, sourcing, deployment models (including the Cloud), standard contract terms, requirements, staffing needs, project timelines, and trends in these areas over time.

Other Information Sources


  • Utility industry studies
  • Research into the best practices of other service industries
  • Technology and innovation studies
  • Research Community Memberships

Our Clients​

The research we produce is especially valuable for:

  • Enterprise IT and edge system extension or replacement project sponsors, leaders, and teams – CIS, MDM, ERP, AMI, MWM, Smart Grid, AMR, Asset Management, GIS, customer contact channels, and customer portals/self-service
  • Customer care, customer transformation, and digital engagement professionals
  • Utility professionals responsible for innovation

Custom Studies

TMG offers a wide range of custom research options to the industry. The research uncovered within these studies can help industry partners make informed business decisions or educate the industry on a topic.

Some of the studies and delivery mechanisms TMG offers include:

  • Quantitative and qualitative research projects that generate benchmarking data and best practices
  • Market analysis for potential new lines of business
  • Workshops and strategic meetings to educate attendees on trends specific to CIS, AMI, customer service/experience, ERP, and more
  • Competitive analysis for application and service providers

Custom research prices vary. TMG uses a sequential project methodology approach (Prepare-Execute-Deliver) for all custom research projects to guarantee timely delivery based on the project scope.

Why TMG Custom Studies?

Through its research service, TMG has successfully conducted more than 30 syndicated and custom research projects for utilities and vendor partners within the last five years.

TMG brings the experience and expertise needed to quickly and efficiently achieve the objectives of the custom market research. More specifically, TMG is known for the following attributes:

  • Independence. TMG is known throughout the utility industry by both utility companies and vendors as being objective, vendor agnostic, and independent.
  • Research & Strategy Experience. TMG provides clients access to experienced researchers and utility experts from the leading independent consulting company.
  • Approach. TMG uses tested, disciplined methodology to ensure smooth, timely projects.
  • Credible. TMG brings more than 26 years of experience in the North American utility market with hundreds of clients and projects, dealing with C-level staff.

Syndicated Studies

TMG produces multiple annual benchmarking and case studies associated with customer service, customer experience, AMI/smart grid, and enterprise IT projects (CIS, CRM, ERP, EAM, CSS, OMS, GIS, and more). This research is offered through multiple formats, including short and long reports, data sheets, presentations, and articles, all of which are posted on TMG’s Knowledge Center.

TMG’s studies are also informed by other qualitative and quantitative sources:

  • Other industry publications and research
  • Consumer polls and surveys
  • Financial data
  • TMG consultants and industry partners
  • Conversations with utility professionals
  • Attendance to industry events

Through a TMG Research Membership, utilities and industry partners can access this information. Members receive unlimited log-ins to access these products. TMG client utilities receive a Research Membership. Industry partners who sponsor the TMG Utility Forum also receive a one-year membership. Non-sponsors can purchase an annual membership separately.

Select publications are offered complimentary to the industry, but still require users to register with TMG.

Our Research Partners

TMG Consulting’s research service pursues knowledge to help industry professionals understand opportunities and challenges associated with enterprise IT projects with a focus on customer service and utility operations.