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DistribuTECH – February 9-11, 2021| San Diego, CA

Oracle Utilities Users Group Conference – March 2-4, 2021 – San Diego, CA

CSWeek–April 26 – 30, 2021–Tampa Convention Center | Tampa, FL

TMG Utility Forum 2021 – October 2021, Scottsdale, AZ

SAP for Utilities – Oct. 17–19, 2021– Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, CA


The Democratization of Data

Growth of utility data has been exponential in recent years. Utilities are striving to maximize the value they realize from this data. This goal has become critical to achieving their objectives of providing cost-effective, safe, and reliable service in a world of snowballing complexity and growing customer expectations. This session will address the key elements of data democratization, with specific focus on providing access to the data and helping stakeholders understand what the data is telling them.

Dakota Electric Association will share its approach to democratization of data, including examples of decision-makers in the organization that benefit from the data. The speaker will review use cases in high bill incidents, voltage analysis, and transformer loading. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how Dakota Electric employees and members have benefitted from better access to, and greater understanding of, utility data. Presented by Dakota Electric Association and SmartWorks, Harris Utilities
Jan 28, 2021


Rethinking Utility Rating Engines for a Customer-Centric Utility

Unlocking the Power of Price: Rethinking Utility Rating Leading utilities are incorporating customer analytics, advanced rate modeling, and price & cost transparency as part of the customer journey. This requires a Rate Engine that can do substantially more than calculate bills once a month. Presented by Pacific Gas & Electric and GridX
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Orchestration of the Customer Experience

From Philosophy to Reality; we have seen ‘Kaizen’ aka Continuous Improvement becoming the norm, across businesses Presented by SEW, & Liberty Utilities
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The Transformation of Utility Analytics

The Rise of Autonomous, Presented by Oracle Utilities & Pepco Holdings
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