Our Story

TMG Consulting was founded in 1992 in response to an industry-wide need for independent advisory service for critical business process and information technology-based decisions. In July of 2014, TMG acquired Langham Consulting Services. Langham, founded in 1994, has enjoyed a long tradition of providing independent advisory services. The synergy achieved through this merger ensures that our clients have access to the most experienced and knowledgeable utility experts.

In October of 2015, TMG acquired the research and strategy practice of RIM Solutions. With this acquisition, TMG provides the intelligence to address any opportunity or issue facing utilities, and the solutions providers who serve utilities.

TMG focuses on representing only our clients and their best interests in strategic planning, evaluation, selection, implementation, and post-implementation support of mission-critical applications. We have no other business units or practices that directly or indirectly support the product and system integration vendors and their interests, nor do we have a systems integration practice ourselves. We believe that doing so causes a very real conflict of interest that jeopardizes our clients’ best interests.